Traditional Pieces

Some traditional Irish pieces..given our own twist and interpretation of course..

The Claddagh ring originated in the Claddagh region of Galway, and has been used as a love token for hundreds of years. The hands denote friendship, the heart, love and the crown loyalty. When worn with the heart facing outwards, it signified availability, the heart facing in, meant engaged or married


Rings can be made to any size, if you can provide a letter or number, The smaller one on the left is € 35, The large one on the right, €65.

A pendant version on the classic Claddagh ring.

Price € 56, Chain 18 ", size 1.25".

A variation on the Claddagh ring, with the hands and heart carved into a solid band of silver

Price. € 35

A carved shamrock signet ring.

Price € 35