Some of our selection of rings. All rings can made to size if you send a letter or number. A variety of stones can be set into most rings.


Left.....Plain loops, set with 6mm Moonstone.

Price, €35

Right.....Filed ring.

Price, €22


Inch ring.

Set with Murano glass millefiore on the left and goldstone on the right.

Price, €65

Domed ring.

With a hammered or plain finish.

Price, €50

Horns ring.

Abstract and elegant.
Price, €45


Flower band.

Entwined flowers and leaves complete entire band.
Price, €25


Open Triskele ring.

A striking ring, with space at the top. Remarkably comfortable to wear.

Price, €40

Large Kite ring.

A simple strong design, set with an 18 X 14 mm garnet.
Price, €60

Small kite ring.

Set with 6 X 4mm Moonstone.

Price, €40

Interlace rings.

Left.....4 band interlace ring

Two piece puzzle ring.

One ring is polshed, the other has a textured finish

Price € 50

Japer in "U" setting.



Satinized "raw" silver

Price € 40

Gypsy ring, set with garnet, and satin finished.

Price € 54