Leaves, Flowers and faries.

Pieces inspired by the natural beauty of Ireland, real and imagined..

The Ophelia Brooch.

As worn by Mary Robinson, former Irish president an U.N. High Commissioner for human rights.

3" dia, Price € 300

Primroses, one of the first signs of Spring,
this ring is enhanced with a solid gold centre.

, Price € 65.

A simple rose intricate and beautiful..by any other name.
This can also be made with a black finish, the Rosin Dubh of Irish legend.

Price € 40,

Happily dancing in the warm Summer breeze.....

2.5" tall, price € 80

Variationas on a tulip theme, on the left, as a pendant with teardrop pearl, and a larger piece on the right, set with black lipped mother of pearl.

Left......Height 2 ", chain 18", Price € 64

Right....Height 3", chain 20", price € 120


Downy feather earrings.

price € 72


Small Smooth leaf pendant

Simple, natural, elegant.

Chain 18 in. price € 42



Full sculpted silver figure of a danccer flying through the air

Chain 20 in. size 2.5 in price €120

Primrose Pendant

With gold centre detail

1 in, Chain 18 in, Price € 54

Fairy Andrea brooch.

A flower fairy among the lillies.

Size2.5" Price €80

Sunflower Pendant.

Enhanced with a gold centre,
or can also be set with a variety of stones.

Size 2.75" Price € 240

Arum Lilly ring.

A sweet delicate lilly, wrapped around the finger.

Price € 40