The Sea.

As a traditional fishing port and with one of the finest natural harbours in Europe, it's hard to escape the sea in Kinsale.....

Porthole Pendant.

Based on a porthole from the Lusitania, sunk in 1915 off the Old Head of Kinsale. This was one of the actions that brought America into the First world war, as some 1200 people lost thier lives in the attack. Some artifacts from the wreck can be seen in the town museum.

Chain 18", size 1.5 in, set with Paua shell, Price € 120.

Ship's Wheel.

A helm, this strong yet detailed piece is also available as a keyring.

Price € 72, Chain 20", size 1.25".

Porthole Pendant.

Kinsale Hooker.
The hooker was a traditional offshore cargo boat , used in Kinsale up to the 1920's.Hookers are still used in Galway for racing, although no original Kinsale hooker has survived to the present.

Chain 18", size 2 in Price € 120.


Whales, dolphins and porpoises are quite comon in the waters off the south West of Ireland and can often be seen riding the bow waves of yachts and fishing boats.

Width 1", chain 18", Price € 42


One of the mainstays of Kinsale food, a basic ingredient in fisherman's pie and chowder, among other dishes. Small pearls are often found within mussels.

Earrings 3/4 " Price € 28.

Pendant Height 1", Chain 18", Price € 32.


Clam Shell Earring

Small siver clamshells, found along every part of the Irish coast

1/2 inch, Price €28

The Wave.

A piece capturing the power and and form of the waves breaking off all of Ireland's west coast

2 ins, Chain 20 "Price € 88


Mermaids are frequently seen off the South and West coasts of Ireland, surfing on the breakers, or resting on rocky outcrops. This is our tribute to these enigmatic creatures, fully sculpted in 3D silver

Length 2ins, Chain 20 ins, Price € 96

Seahorse earrings.

A pair of seahorse earrings.

Height 1", Price € 28