Classic or contemporary Silver adds to any table.

Silver serving spoon, in a modern, simple style.

Length 12"

Letter Napkin holders A, M, H and B. Any letter can be made in this style of script, and although I've never made one with two initials, I'd be willing to try...

€120 each



Hallmarked silver finger bowl.

8" dia X 4 " approx.



Set of crystal wineglasses with silver stems in an abstract female form. The set was of eight pieces, each 8" tall, and was a corporate gift.


A simple silver shallow dish.

Dia 10 "


Silver shot measure made for "The Shanakee", a well known hostelry in Kinsale.

Height, 2.5"


Silver lipped dish with engraving of st. Multose,

the patron saint of Kinsale in the centre and a dedication around the rim.

Dia, 10"


Classic plain napkin rings, These can be engraved with names or images.

1.8 in dia, 1.5 in high.