Celtic Art

Celtic art is famed throughout the world for the intricacy of designs and the quality of the workmanship. From the time of Christ, when the first Celts arrived on these shores, to the land of the saints and scholars, through to the present day.

A solid bangle, based on patterns from the Ardagh Chalice, an amzing piece of metalworkfrom the 9th Century

, Price € 220.

Two Birds from The Book of Kells

Symbolic of migration and freedom, This piece can be set with a variety of stones

Price € 96, Chain 18 ", size 2.5 ".

Trinity Knot

Sybolising the holy trinity, but originating in pagan times, simple, balanced, ageless....

left price € 56 right price € 44

Round Interlacing

The eternal knot, symbolic of the continuity of life, weaving in and out, back and forth, finding new direction, also finding itself.

Left......Width 1.5", chain 18 ", Price € 88

Right.....Width 1", chain 18", Price €48



Celtic Herons

A common but magnificent bird, found all over Ireland, famed for it's stillness and tranquility.

Pendant Height 2 ", Chain 18", Price € 96.




Celtic Horn

A pleasant shape, with a little celtic engraving.

Pendant Height 1 ", Chain 18", Price € 48.


Celtic Star.

Size 2 " Chain20' price € 78


Celtic Serpents.

Taken from a "carpet" page of the Book of Kells, two writhing animals feature in the piece, which can be set with a variety of stones.

Height 2", Chain 20", Price € 120


La Tene

La Tene is the earliest form of Celtic art, featuring swirling spirals expanding curves and trapped shapes. Both these pieces are classic La Tene art


Celtic Twist.

A simple, modern take on Celtic art, strong and simple, but with fluid movement.

Height 1" Chain 18" Price € 56

Simple Spiral

A spiral, the simplest and most ancient of Celtic motifs.

Height 1.25" Chain 18" Price € 48