Older than the pyramids, Newgrange is more than just an ancient burial site. A unique window, which only allows light into the chamber on the shortest day of the year, signifies the end of the old year and the birth of the new. Art and symbolism also abound and although the meaning may be be lost, the beauty is with us forever.

Three rings base on carvings from Newgrange, the one on the left is a triskele, the first right is the entrance stone, and the far right is from the lintel above the famed"window box"

Price € 65 Each,


A variation on the triskele.

Price € 42, Chain 18 ", size 0.75 ".


Solid Triskele.

Again from Newgrange, the triscol is one of the oldest symbols in Ireland. This one is carved onto one of the uprights inside the tomb

, price € 48


Turoe Stone, Co. Galway, 100 AD

From the 1st. Century b.c., the function of this stone is lost in antiquity. It may well have marked a sacred place. The carving, swirls and spirals make it a unique and beautiful piece of Celtic sculpture. Today we reproduce this monument in minature, and build in a secret compartment behind the stone in the bottom.

Width 1.5", chain 20 ", Price € 180



The Triskele, 3000 B.C.

A variation on the triskele.

Pendant Height 1.5", Chain 18", Price € 56.



Corleck Head 1st Century b.c
Heads were sacred to the Celts, as was the number three, so a three faced head probably had extraordinary powers. There is a hole in the base of the original stone head, suggesting it was placed on a pole, on top of the hill where it was found, perhaps to ward evil spirits away from the cattle and crops in the fields below.
Our corleck head is on a swivel in order to retain it's protective qualities.

Height .75 in. Chain 18 in. Price € 72.

Dolmen 1500bc

Legend maintains that when Diarmuid and Grainne eloped
they built dolmens to sleep on. Another story says they
were altars built by the druids. Perhaps because of the
legends surrounding them dolmens are one of the most
popular of Irish antiquities.

Height 0.75 " Chain, 16 " Price €46


Based on an ancicent gold collar, which may have been worn by a druid or chieftain

Height, 1.5" Chain, 16" ,Price €72